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UNHCR MOSCOW                                                                  Internship SchemeAPPLICATION FORM

 Family Name First/Given Name Aulia Fahrunnisa Gender (M/F)      Female

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year) 15/12/2001 Place of Birth Bandung, Indonesia Present Nationality Indonesian

Date available for internship.
From: 10/08/2017 To: 11/08/2017
Are you interested in a part-time internship?               Yes (  *   )  No  (     )

What are your preferred areas of work?  1/

What are your objectives in undertaking an internship with UNHCR?

To get experience

Languages  -  Mother tongue:   _____Indonesian_______________________________

Dialogue with friends

Mawar    : "Hello! I'm Mawar. What's your name?" Putri        : "My name is Putri, nice to meet you Mawar!" Mawar    : "Yeah! Nice to meet you too!" Putri        : "Are you a student or you have a job?" Mawar    : "I'm a teacher" Putri        : "Really? I think you are a student because your face look so baby face" Mawar    : "How about you? Where you working at?" Putri        : "I work at bank near from this restaurant" Mawar    : "Are you usually have a lunch here?" Putri        : "Yeah, sometimes I think" Mawar    : "Yeah, me too"

lemme introduce myself

Hey there! this is Aulia Fahrunnisa, just call me Aulia or Chaul. Chaul? yeah! I dunno why all of my friend always call me with that nickname. My mom and dad used to call me by a little name, Icha. I think that's why all of my friend always call me Chaul because 'Cha' comes from my little name, Icha. While 'Aul' comes from my first name, Aulia. Hmm... 'Chaul' isn't bad, right?. That nickname makes others remember my name more easily, haha.     Ah! I almost forgot to write something. I was born and grew up in Bandung since December 15, 2001. I'm 15 now. I just graduated from junior high school 14, and now studying on 10'th grade of senior high school 3. You know? It’s so amazing!. My house is far from school, so I always go to school with my father by the car every morning.
     You want to know my hobby? My hobby is reading a novel and watching korean-drama’s. Do you love watching korean-drama’s like me? That’s so interesting, right? Haha. I…