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Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. This place established in 1980, initially the main purpose of the Park was to conserve the unique Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) and its habitat. These giant lizards, existing no-where else in the world, most commonly known as 'Komodo Dragons', due to its appearance and aggressive behavior, the Komodo Lizard, is the largest living species of lizard, growing to an average length of 2 to 3 meters. In 1986, the park was declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, both indications of the Park's biological importance.

   As well as being home to the Komodo dragon, the Park provides refuge for many other  notable terrestrial species such as the orange-footed scrub fowl, an endemic rat, and the Timor deer. Moreover, the Park includes one of the richest marine environments including coral reefs, mangroves, seagra…

Rancabuaya Beach

Last Saturday, September 9'th 2017, I went to Rancabuaya beach with my mom. So, I didn't attend Rachnandyaguna Mural Competition at school. That's why I wrote this blog to share my experience there as well as a sign of permission because I can't follow the competition.

   Rancabuaya beach is located at Purbayani village, Garut district. The beach is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean so it has big waves. Many tourist come to this place because the waves are suitable for surfing.
   The most interesting thing at Rancabuaya beach are giant rocks along the coast. Many small fish carried by the waves and trapped in the rock. There are high rock cliffs too and the existence of a waterfall that's directly faces to the beach.

   Rancabuaya beach is less suitable for swimming because of the large rocks. This beach is a harbor beach, so you can get fresh fish catches directly from the fishermen or from stalls around the beach.
   This beach is less promotion so not kn…

Advertisement: Tangsi Beach with Pink Sand

Me and my friend made an advertisement video about one of the beaches in Lombok.
Please kindly to check the video on my YouTube channel!

Jakarta Aquarium

Saturday, August 26'th, I couldn't attend World Tournament at school because I went to Jakarta Aquarium  with my family. Jakarta Aquarium located inWest Jakarta, a shopping center in Neo Soho, Floor LG 101 - LGM 101, Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28. Here, you can see more than 600 species of marine biota inside a giant aquarium. Besides to the wonderful fish, the aquarium also accomodates various types of stingrays and shark.

   In a different aquarium, there are original jellyfish from Indonesia, Chrysaora Fuscescens
Jakarta Aquarium also has a special aquarium for the amazing piranha. They are always fed with fresh fish meat every three times a day. Despite eating three times a day, they are very greedy. Piranha always fight when getting a food.
   These are interesting fish, the Blue Tang fish! We often see it in the Finding Nemo or Finding Dory movies. They have got a thorn that resembles a blade at the end of it's tail.
   The grouper here isn't a common grouper. …

Dialog 'Her Plan' : what are you going to do today?

Aulia : Hi, Fathimah! What will you do next holiday?
Fathimah : I want to go to Dieng
Aulia : Where is Dieng? is it on Central Java?
Fathimah : That's true! I will going there with my family
Aulia : When will you do it?
Fathimah : On 22'nd of December
Aulia : Why do you plan it?
Fathimah : Because Dieng is beautiful place. There is a very distinctive fruit from Dieng, it is carica fruit
Aulia : Would you like to bring souvenirs of carica fruit for me? I want to try it
Fathimah: Of course! I will bring it for you
Aulia : How will you go to Dieng? Will you going there with a car?
Fathimah : No, I will go there by train
Aulia : Okay, have a nice holiday!
Fathimah : Thank you!

Application Form

UNHCR MOSCOW                                                                  Internship SchemeAPPLICATION FORM

 Family Name First/Given Name Aulia Fahrunnisa Gender (M/F)      Female

Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year) 15/12/2001 Place of Birth Bandung, Indonesia Present Nationality Indonesian

Date available for internship.
From: 10/08/2017 To: 11/08/2017
Are you interested in a part-time internship?               Yes (  *   )  No  (     )

What are your preferred areas of work?  1/

What are your objectives in undertaking an internship with UNHCR?

To get experience

Languages  -  Mother tongue:   _____Indonesian_______________________________